Selected Fees

For the most accurate costs, please call the clinic at 360-697-1650. If we have not yet seen your pet, we will recommend establishing care at our clinic so that we can provide customized estimates for recommended services. Please note that we will resume scheduling new patients in the first half of 2022.

Fees are current as of 2021 but subject to change. 

All fees are due at the time services are rendered. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit.


Comprehensive Exam / 60 minutes / $145 — 185
Complete Exam / 30 minutes / $80

Consultations by Phone or Email $80 for patients with current annual exam

We recommend a one-hour Comprehensive Exam for all new patients, especially new puppies or kittens, older pets with chronic conditions, and pets previously diagnosed with a major medical issue like cancer or organ failure.  Patients with extensive issues will always receive a Comprehensive exam including the review of previous vet records.

Laser Therapy

Single area / $19 each / $94 package of 6

Multiple areas / $55 each / $273 package of 6

The doctor will recommend a protocol and treatment timeline for your pet. You can pay each time, or pre-pay for a package for savings! 


Single session / $72

Package of 3 treatments / $179

Just like laser therapy, you can pay in advance for a package of acupuncture treatments or pay at each visit.

Spay or Neuter

Cat / $210 - 235 Spay / $105 - 140 Neuter

0-30 Lb dog / $430 - 550 Spay / $210 - 295 Neuter

30-60 Lb dog / $540 - 630 Spay / $265 - 310 Neuter

60-90 Lb dog / $650 - 750 Spay / $320 - 410 Neuter

90+ Lb dog / $750 - 850 Spay / $435 - 575 Neuter

These ranges are approximate, and cover actual surgery costs only for traditional spay or neuter (not ovary-sparing spay or vasectomy). Additional services like microchipping, pain/anti-inflammatory medications, or Elizabethan collars (cones) to prevent self-trauma may not be included by default.  We are happy to provide a customized estimate for any pet with an accurate weight who has seen one of our doctors.  

Dental Cleaning Bundles

Cat / $400

0-30 Lb dog / $500

30-60 Lb dog / $615

60+ Lb dog / $725 

The dental bundle is the base for a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment. It includes premedication, general anesthesia, monitoring, full-mouth x-rays, ultrasonic scaling, hand scaling, probing, polishing, antimicrobial rinsing, and hospitalization. Any tooth extractions are determined on a case-by-case basis and may range from $28 to $110 per tooth depending on extraction method. Pain medication, bone grafts, and other specialized treatments are additional.