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Food Allergy Testing

Big Valley Vet utilizes the Nutriscan saliva test, measuring IgA and IgM levels to diagnose food intolerances in dogs and cats.
Blood and skin testing are useful for diagnosing seasonal allergies but are inaccurate for diagnosing food reactions, so an 8-12 week food elimination trial was our most accurate diagnostic tool up until now.


Pets with chronically itchy skin or upset stomach can now be evaluated with this saliva test for intolerance to many common foods, including animal and plant proteins frequently used in pet foods. The saliva sample is obtained by having your dog or cat chew on a special piece of cotton rope, which is then submitted to the lab.

After 3 to 4 weeks, results are reported to you and to the clinic, allowing us to create a special menu of foods for your pet including Red-Light (always avoid), Yellow-Light (feed cautiously), and Green-Light (should be safe to feed). 

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