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Diet and Feeding

Many of our pets' health problems can be linked to feeding inappropriate diets- even though the label may claim "100% complete & balanced."  If you yourself have experienced the benefits of following a Paleo, keto, or vegan diet, then you understand the integral connection between food and health.  Everything a body needs to thrive simply cannot come from a bag or can!

Fine-tuning your pet's diet can bring relief from such conditions such as itchy allergic skin, recurrent ear infections, bladder crystals, and vomiting / diarrhea due to food sensitivities or inflammatory bowel disease. A species-appropriate diet is especially critical to treat and prevent cancer.

Raw, homemade, or commercial diets (or some combination) may be recommended based upon your pet's age and condition as well as the lifestyle of your household.  The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine can also be utilized to select warming, cooling, or other supportive foods tailored to individual needs.

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